Tuesday 21st January 1986

Today was a better day because I played football.  As I noted, ‘me and ***** played football in games, one-a-side.  I won 15-11.’ In the evening, I filled out my application form for Sixth Form College. Quite how long it took I dont know, but I do know that I wished that I hadn’t.  I hated sixth form.  Two years of my life wasted, trying to hang around with people with whom I was only really passing acquaintances with at secondary school. I think that it was only by the time I had got to 18 that I realised that I had to stop this nonsense and start living my life, and not trying to follow others around.  Others, lets not be too coy about this, that weren’t interested in me. Others who would tolerate my presence, but didn’t miss me when I wasn’t around. You know, wouldn’t wait for me at lunchtime kinda thing. But heck that was still to come in my life at the moment I was still having fun playing one-a-side football with *****.

In sport, Liverpool beat Ipswich Town 3-0 in the Milk Cup quarter final at Anfield.  The goals coming from Whelna, Rush and Walsh.

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