Tuesday 15 July 1986

This is almost a micro study on the mercenary nature of teenagers – if you have them yourself by now, perhaps you’ll recognise them in this – or yourself?!  I had been asked to move some earth for an OAP neighbour across the road – I thought perhaps that there might have been a couple of quid in it for me.  Indignantly, I noted ‘no chance!’  All that sweat and strain to my back etc, and what for?  The chance to say that I did a good deed for someone worse off than me?  Yep, that was about the long and the short of it. Not so much as a brass farthing was pressed in to my sweaty palm!  And, it was a ‘nice day’, so I doubt that it wasn’t a cool day. Never mind, I took the dogs, still plural, for a walk, so I’m guessing that Auntie must’ve been away.  Also, my eye was no better. Well what the bloody hell was that all about?

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