Tuesday 14th January 1986

Another windy day, and a cold one too.  School was “dead boring”, apparently I played football in games.  I do remember this a certain annoyance. Not that I played football, I was a 16 year old boy – what’s not to like about playing football? No, my gripe was that we, as the boys, were forced to go outside and play football, whilst the girls, were allowed to have the gym set up for them, to play badminton and other such crap sports, in the warm, whilst we had to go out in the cold. Shame eh? What’s that line about the playing fields of Eton…?

Anyway, enough whinging, whilst we were enduring our “dead boring”, cold and windy day at school, Micheal Heseltine (who he? – my diary comment) was busy at it down in Westminster.

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