Tuesday 13 May 1986

I must have been in a very philosophical mood today.  I start with my usual complaint, ‘boring’, but then ask if life is so short, why are so days so boring…  not an unreasonable question to ask, one supposes.  However, this was missing the point, as I did so often as a teenager.  That is, the only reason that it’s so ‘boring’ is because I must’ve made it so.  What was I choosing to do?  Wait for a good television programme, or for one of my friends to suggest something ‘interesting’ to do as often as not.  As the old BBC TV programme went, Why Don’t You… – this should have applied to my life in general, not just the odd half an hour on a wet morning in the school holidays.  Pah!

Anyway, enough of this philosophising, what did I do today…?  Well it was off to school (again – I thought I’d finished school?) for some Chemistry revision, and in quite a departure, resolved not to go again!  Hey hey, some taking control at last?  Don’t count on it.  Tomorrow promised some Physics revision!

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