Tuesday 11 February 1986

Uh-oh rightee, this is a day which will live long in the memory.  They do say that the smallest things please the smallest minds.  Well!  We had English today and my friend, by whom I sat in English was a big fan of writing with a proper pen, as was I, truth be told.  You know what I mean, don’t you?  That’s right (write?! – I’ll get me coat), an ink pen.  As I recall, it was a Sheaffer, one of them big chunky ones.  Me and him, we used to sit together in Geography too, we used to have seeing-how-many-words-you-can-legibly-write-on-one-line competitions.  If you turned the nib over and wrote on the back, you could make your writing incredibly small.  But anyway…

The teacher, lets call him Mr ***** was doing his thing, walking up and down the aisles, teaching us English – he was very good.  He stopped in front of my mate ****** and me, just as ***** had inserted a new cartridge into his pen and was furiously trying to get it to work in order that he could carry on taking notes.  Of course, the things springs to life and, quite literally, SPLAT!  There it is, very best Sheaffer blue-black all up the back of Mr *****’s jacket.  As he returns to the front of the classroom, one of the girls, lets call her ***** notices and pipes up, “Mr *****, you’ve got ink on the back of your jacket.”  He takes it off, he looks at it and agrees with her.  And then, as my mate and me stifle giggles (of amusement and of trepidation), he says, “Oh those first years, TSK!”.  Of course, we weren’t first years, we were young adults potentially starting work in a few months.  Responsible?  Us?  Nah!

In games, there were 3 of us who went out to play football.  Now unless you play piggy-in-the-middle, 3 is very definitely not the magic number where football is concerned.  So we kicked it around in a triangle, then the inevitable happened and we did play piggy-in-the-middle.  Oh what larks!

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