Tuesday 1 April 1986

Nice day today.  April Fool’s day, although I make no note about any pranks that were played either on or by me.  We played our extended chase game, Fox and Hounds.  It’s a simple game, Team 1 runs off up the course of the old railway line, which ran behind our houses, then after a decent delay, the other team goes off to find them.  There were lots and lots of great places to hide.

The further you went ‘up the line’, the steeper the embankments became.  The undergrowth was a tangled, matted mess, so if you wanted, you could secrete yourself under a bramble and stay there all day.  But where’s the fun in that?  As ever, it’s the thrill of the chase.  A member of Team 2 spies you hidden there and the shout goes up and the chase is on.  Fine fun.

According to my revision schedule, I should have been doing some Maths revision.  Don’t think I did any tho’.  I had a cold, or in my 16 year old’s parlance, ‘… a b*****d of a cold!’

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