Thursday 9th January 1986

Whoo.  Wow!  This was a seminal day for 1980’s television, for BlackAdder II was broadcast for the first time.  It was, I noted, “Brill. Ace! FANTASTIC!!” Rowan Atkinson, who as well as playing the title role, had co-authored the first series, but had left the writing of this second series to Richard Curtis and Ben Elton.

We were back at school, which was boring and the weather was cold. It being my ‘O’ level year I had an interim report – unfortunately I make no mention of its contents.  However, I did have an insurance policy mature, delivering me the princely sum of £250.  Can’t remember on what I frittered it away!

I also noted that Michael Heseltine resigned.  Must have been them bloody helicopters!

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