Thursday 29 May 1986

Today I had one of those potentially history changing moments.  Yes, I spilled my tea on my desk.  As tea does when you spill it, it went absolutely everywhere.  My diary was on my desk and I very nearly lost it.

There were only 3 days to go now , until Mexico 86, and I couldn’t wait.  My thoughts turned again to my dream girl, ‘B****y Hell, I fancy ***** – sexiest thing this side of the nude on the wall.’  The ‘nude’ was actually a scantily clad young lady, one of those Athena posters that so characterise the 1980’s.  She had one thing in common with ***** and one difference.  The difference was that she was a poster, whilst ***** was real flesh and blood.  Their commonality?  Well there was no chance for me with either!  This was brought home to me on 18 October when I saw her (the real girl!) out with her boyfriend.  I scribbled something not terribly nice about her in my diary on today’s page.  A classic example of wallowing in self pity at which I was particularly adept.  It’s so bloody self defeating because it’s not as if I’d ever asked her out.

Poor girl (the poster), she was stuck on the wall next to my desk, and once upon a time she’d got the full blast from one of the largest spots that I had ever had on the side of my nose.  But that’s another story

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