Thursday 27 February 1986

Oh thank you NUT.  We had a half day today due our English teacher being one of their members.  Accordingly, we came home at 12.45.  What did we do with our bonus time off?  Why, we went to play football!  Oh yes!  What else would a group of boys with the afternoon off school do eh?

Guess what?  Shock, horror, I hadn’t managed to sell any of my bargain football programmes.  21 for a quid, sell them at 20p each.  Mmm.  Isn’t it?  Well no actually.  It’s not.  Doh!

And finally, I comment that I need 101 million quid.  Just because I lost a quid on some old football programmes?  No, I don’t think so.  But just what it was that was upsetting me and making me write such statements, I have forgotten.

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