Thursday 20 February 1986

It snowed this morning.  It was a really cold winter, the likes of which we’ve not had in ages.  Now i don’t know about global warming, you know whether or not there is anything in it or not.  However, I am guessing that something’s amiss out there.  Anyway, it were right cold that winter of 1985 / 86.

In other news, I report that my poster of a scantily clad young lady fell off the wall at 3 o’clock.  Bl**dy blu-tak ain’t always exactly what it’s cracked up to be eh?  This poster once took the full bast of a spot that I had on the side of my nose.  She was on the wall next to (could have said adjacent) the desk in my bedroom where I did my home work / played on the C64.  Anyway, I was sat there, absent mindedly fiddling with this great big zit, when I must have got it just right and SPLAT!  There it was.  NOTHING is more satisfying than squeezing a good spot, I’m sure you’ll agree.

I managed to do some of my homework – another English essay out of the way.  However there’s no peace for the wicked, so I was straight onto another one!  BlackAdder II was on again, one word, ‘brill.’

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