Thursday 2 October 1986

More Study Skills today – that and Physics.  You know, I never really got the hang of studying.  I’ve achieved 8 O levels, 3 A’s and a degree, all without really being that good at studying.  More dumb luck I suppose.  Study Skills would have shown us how you attend the lesson / lecture, go away for a while and then review your notes, even attempting to re-write them – sort of creating revision notes as you go.  I never ever got the hang of this, with me it was attend the lecture, toss the notes into me bag, sod off home, have some tea, go to bed get up and do the same again the following day.  Then 6, 12, 18 months down the line, attempt (in an incredibly short space of time just before the exam) try to make out what on earth I had scribbled down all those months ago.

Oh and in music news, I bought a Five Star (yes, Five Star) 12″ single.  It was Rain or Shine and I bought it because it was a gorgeous gorgeous song so there.  I was tuning in to, ahem, my romantic side.

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