Thursday 16th January 1986

O o oh! Forget the politics in Westminster… this blessed football match on Saturday is causing ructions! One of our team, a vice captain if you like, has only gone and asked one of the better players in school to play in our team! Is this cheating? Or it is merely selecting the best players from the pool available…  I guess I was quite naive.  It’s only what happens in real football.

We had a power cut at school. It was a really cold winter remember, so this must have caused some issues wrt the heating. And, I guess we were cold.  However, the power cut didn’t stop us watching a video in English.  We were studying Arthur Miller’s The Crucible.  The one about the witches in Salem, Massachusetts.  So we were all of us going round quoting phrases (well one phrase) from the play – ‘Be you John Proctor…?’  Kids, eh?  No appreciation of a modern classic.  Peasants!

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