Sunday 4 May 1986

Now don’t let this shock you, but way back in the 1980’s, I was a mad Snooker fan.  Huge.  It was just the best thing to spend an entire afternoon watching the chaps knocking their balls around their green baize covered slabs of slate.  If you could then persuade your mum to let you have your tea in front of the telly, even better.  And then of course you had the evening session to watch.  Great stuff!  But then Stephen Hendry came along and really put me off…

But, back to the matter in hand.  Today saw the start of the Embassy World Championship Final.  No, it wasn’t played in an Embassy, they were the sponsors.  The Embassy World Snooker Championships were played at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield.  After today’s frames, Joe Johnson and Steve “Interesting” Davis were locked together at 8-8.  This was quite an effort from the unknown Johnson, as Steve Davis was the big thing in snooker at the time.  Tomorrow being the first May Bank Holiday, the final would be played out to a finish.

Amidst all the excitement re Football League Championships and Rugby League Challenge Cup Finals, not to mention the snooker, I recorded that I ‘done no h/wk this weekend.’

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