Sunday 30 March 1986

Easter Sunday and British Summer Time begins.  I got up late this morning, 20 to 10 insted of 20 to 9.  Who moved them bl***y clocks forward?  Stupd idea that.  It must have been a strange day as I make no comment regarding my paper round, no mention of the word ‘boring’ (there’s a turn up), but I did make a note, ‘telly – crap – best thing Spitting Image 9.45 ITV’.  Spitting Image was well into its third series by now and was usually bang on the money in terms of its parody of the great and the good.  I remember one teacher at school asking us how we thought Ronald Reagan had become President of the USA if he behaved like his puppet did.  Looking back, I realise that the guy was playing devil’s advocate, as good old Ronnie really was as bonkers as Fluck and Law and Chris Barrie would have had us believe.

Ooh, ooh, and of course, Condorman is on tomorrow…

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