Sunday 26th January 1986

Today was I reported, a nice day. Now, in the days before Sky and exclusive contracts to cover football competitions, the FA Cup was shared between ITV and BBC. Some might call it a cosy monopoly, but football was treated as football, as a sport. Sky’s coverage had brought in many innovations, some of them beneficial, but has also introduced a level of hype which is quite preposterous. And they have Richard Keys, who should have stuck to the sofa that he was inhabiting in 1980’s television land. Don’t get me started on the nonsense that Andy Gray spouts.

Anyway, at 2.30pm, on ITV that afternoon, Liverpool travelled to Stamford Bridge to play Chelsea in FACUP4 as Sky might have put it, with goals from Ian Rush and Mark Lawrenson seeing off the Londoners’ challenge.

Before the big match, I collected £96 on my paper round, and I also managed to find the time to do some home taping. I illegally copied a school friend’s tape of The Alarm’s Strength album. Naughty naughty.

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