Sunday 25 May 1986

As they continued their warm up for the World Cup, England played Canada.  My recollection is that England were poor, but won the game 1-0.  The big news was, however, that England’s rapier thrust had been blunted as Gary Lineker sprained his wrist.  Would he or wouldn’t he be fit for the important action that was due to start in only a week or so?

Today was also the day of Sport Aid.  You were supposed to do the run, at one of th designated places if you could, or on your own if you couldn’t.  It was a spin off from Live Aid and Bob Geldof was predictable voluble about he cause.  However, I didn’t run, citing the fact that I was unfit!  What, a sixteen year old lad, who does a good two miles on his bike every day, not fit?  Pah!  Too bloomin’ lazy more like.

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