Sunday 23 February 1986

‘Boring.  Cold.  Bl**dy wind is the worst. Collected £96 – spent all my money – got about 70p left.  Blasted school tomorrow.  Played footy in the garages.’

So, we can tell that:

a) the weather was still cold, today with added wind chill

b) I had a reasonable return on my paper bill collection round

c) I must’ve had quite a binge on sweets in the paper shop.  I did decide to stop doing this for a while, I earn the money and then give it straight back to the shop owner.  Bit stupid really…?

d) the half term was over, I probably didn’t do as much as I wanted to in terms of catching up with course work etc, and the fact that school was back on the agenda meant that I probably had a few home truths to face.  Like OMG, I’m not gonna finish all this…

e) we used to play football on the large concrete area in the communal garages on the council estate where I grew up (author seeks kudos from growing up on council estate – shameless!)  We received a couple of poice ‘raids’ too – one of the neighbours of the garages had obviously rung them.  Sometimes, we felt that we had ample vindication for playing in the garages due to the length of the grass in the playing field.  However, this was February, so we had probably just decided on a change of scenery.

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