Sunday 20 April 1986

A big sporting day today.  And, let’s be under no illusion, there was no way that homework, revision or any other form of school work was going to get in the way of it!

Early on, the two races in London Marathon (surely Snickers – ok, sorry) were won by Toshihiko Seko (Japan) and Greta Waitz (Norway).  Then in the afternoon, I watched the Milk (League) Cup Final as Oxford United defeated QPR by 3 goals to nil.  The goals were scored by Hebberd, Houghton and Charles – a great name for a fictional legal practice if ever there was!

And even after all that, we had still had time to go out in the car as a family.  We took a trip up Cardingmill Valley, some spectacular views and if I remember, some quite hairy, narrow roads with long drops to one side.

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