Sunday 16 March 1986

It rained today and I bought the Sunday version of Today newspaper.  I remember that I had pestered and pestered my Mum to allow us to have Today throughout the week in preference to what even at 16 I felt was the horrid Daily Mail.  Some things don’t change – except perhaps 16 year old boys grow up in to some semblance of men, unlike the Daily Mail and my opinion of it.  Anyway, she allowed us to change in the week, but there was no way she’d give up the Mail on Sunday.  So that was that.  I guess it’s what’s called a compromise.

On TV, Everton could only draw with Chelsea.  At this point they still held a three point advantage over Liverpool and had a plus 36 goal difference compared with Liverpool’s plus 29.  However, they had been 8 points clear at the beginning of March.

In a departure from the usual, I did some revision.  Yes, I fancied a spot of Geography revision, so I did it in the bath between 6.30 and 7.30!  The water wasn’t very warm unfortunately.  I also reported that I had cleaned my contact lens (singular)…

Now all opticians and optometrists should look away now, because I was at this stage taken to wearing only one contact lens because I had managed to scratch my other eye.  This is a very long story and goes back to the age of about 5 or 6 when I was first diagnosed with myopia.  Would I wear my glasses?  Not a chance.  And have I suffered from not wearing them?  You bet.  I wear some coke bottle bottoms now, slung between two coathangers, my eyesight is SO poor.

But anyway, on moving up to secondary school my Mum decided that I should try contact lenses.  I didn’t need much of a push in their direction, I can tell you.  And of course, I wasn’t prepared to look after them and they became dirty and I rubbed my eyes and… well there you go.  So listen up kids, if you go to the optician and (s)he tells you that you need glasses, then don’t be a vain little brat like me – put the beggars on and be done with it.  You may even grow out of the need for them.  There, that’s the public service element of this broadcast over with.

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