Sunday 13 April 1986

Oh no!  The last day before back to school.  In reality, it was the last push for us.  With our ‘O’ Levels looming large on the horizon, we probably only had a few weeks left as regular school goers.  Looking back now (2-Jan-2009) it seems like such an innocent time.  I’m not dismissing issues that some kids have with academic expectations, but if my job consisted solely of preparing for and taking exams, I’d be extremely happy.  Of course this is completely unfeasible, academic qualifications are a means to an end and not a means in themselves, but you get my point.

Any parents tempted to live vicariously through their children, or put undue pressure on them to perform well in exams, please back off, exams etc are NOT the be all and end all.  Life is about living, and ultimately it’s about what you do, not what a few pieces of paper say you’re good at remembering.

Anyway, I got wet during the delivery of my papers, but enjoyed some dry, sunny weather when it was time to go back out to collect the money.  Today I had a great day, taking £116.42 in total.  In footy news, Man Utd entertained us all by losing 2-0, at home, to Sheffield Wednesday.  Ha ha.

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