Sunday 12th January 1986

BBC1 3.00pm Watford v Liverpool.  Liverpool won 3-2 with 2 goals from Paul Walsh and one from Ian Rush.  For those of you with long memories, this was in the period of the domination of the game in England by Liverpool FC.  In 1986 they were to go and and win the League and FA Cup double.  This game (vs Watford) a demonstration of what all good football teams need – some steel and a never say die attitude.  Poor in the first half, Kenny Jacket had given Watford a deserved 1-0 lead on 18 mins, before Walsh popped up with the equaliser just before half time.  In the second half, Walsh again, and then Ian Rush made it 3-1 before Worrell Sterling pulled one back to make the final score 3-2.

The weather was windy, but without rain – an ok state of affairs for a paperboy out there all morning!  And this paperboy did no homework except French, which was / is boring and hard.

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