Sunday 11 May 1986

Oh dear.  Back in the old routine… you mean you don’t remember?  My favourite word.  Bored, boring or some other variation.

Anyway, enough already of this nonsense.  I also committed to paper one of those  age old student-y things.  Yep, you guessed it, I was preparing to sacrifice some exams for others that I either thought would be easier, or more use to me if I passed them.  And, no, I never did learn.

So, I decided to revise hard for Maths, Physics and Geography.  I only needed 5 ‘O’ Levels to get into VIth Form, and as I already had Eng. Lit. in the bag, and reckoned that Eng. Lang. didn’t need any revision that was me sorted.  I did still plan to revise for German, French and Chemistry, but ‘not as intensively as the others.’

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