Saturday 28 June 1986

Ooh this is a little bit woo, a little bit whey… It was a scorching hot day, so we went swimming in the brook (that’s a beck or a burn to any of you northern types), right where the cows come down to get a drink and do other things…  Horrible, yes, disgusting even, but dangerous?  Well I’m still here writing this.

Anyway, so far so mundane.  It must have been the heat, or the combination of heat and accompanying lack of clothes down there in the brook, because we cooked up a plan to invite some girls (one of which was the love of my life at the time – pity I never told her…) in to the house whilst me mum and dad were out in the evening.  So far so tame, as what they actually did when they came was to stand at the back door, giggling as girls do, drink our coffee and then sod off home again.  Boo! hiss!  I made a note that the visit was supposed to be reciprocated next week, but I don’t recall ever going to their house… honest…

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