Saturday 25th January 1986

Ah, the weekend. What fun. I went to town, closed my Barclays account, bought a Fine Young Cannibals single (Suspicious Minds) and an Alarm 12″ single – I think it must have been Spirit of ’76.  The Alarm were a band that I liked a lot.  I remember later at 6th form I had a folder that I covered with a homemade Alarm logo. It was fab!  Anyway, the 12″ was more like an old style EP – a sixties thing I guess. It had the title track plus live versions of Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke, Knocking On Heaven’s Door, Deeside and the fabulous 68 Guns

Later on we played football again, versus our opponents from the previous Saturday.  Last Saturday’s result proved to be a fluke, as this time we lost by even more, 6-3.  I was, ahem, ‘pissed off with it.’

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