Saturday 22 March 1986

German revision.  And now, spurious diary entry alert… ‘[I] drew out £200 for [my] mum to pay for [a] shower.’  I’ll not attempt to make any analysis of this remark – your guess is as good as mine.

In drawing out the £200 I took a little more out, in order to buy a Liverpool shirt for the princely sum of £17.  It was an Adidas one, with Crown Paints the sponsor.  It served me well, as Liverpool stuck six past Oxford at Anfield, and Everton lost 2-1 away at Luton.  So, now the points were level, and goal difference previously +36 and +29 was now +35 each.

I also bought (this was quite some spending spree) the Comic Relief single by Cliff Richard and The Young Ones, Living Doll. I’m not sure about Cliff, but the Young Ones were a complete smash with me and my school mates. We used to spend far too long discussing each episode in Art on a Tuesday morning.

This single was a chance to own a piece of them. Remember, we had no DVDs and videos were very much a luxury item. Although I do remember taping one episode on the integral cassette recorder that was part of our TV cabinet. So, we listed for hours to the audio of Bambi – that’s the one when they got to appear on University Challenge if you remember.

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