Saturday 22 February 1986

In what was a potentially decisive moment in the chase for the First Division Championship, Everton scored a 2-0 vistory over Liverpool at Anfield.  Again I went up to school to play football.  It was I report, ‘a great laugh.’  I came home knackered.

In our latest money making plan, one of my mates had placed an order for some football programmes. My share was 21 programmes, for which I had paid a pound.  At the time, I believed that I had already sold 3 for 20p each.  Quite how it actually panned out, more of which later.  In unrelated news, I report my purchase of The Power of Love.  Now of course we all remember that there were 3 1980’s songs with the same title, but the version that I bought was the one by Huey Lewis and The News.  It was the featured song in the film Back to The Future, rated by me as one of the best films EVER made.

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