Saturday 17 May 1986

The usual post football season blues settled on me today.  However, hope was at  hand this year, as it was a World Cup year and Mexico 86 was to prove memorable in the extreme… more later (from 31 May to 29 Jun to be precise).

Today was a grey day, with rain.  A real pity after yesterdays brilliant sunshine.  I did some Chemistry revision and listened to a tape by The Alarm.  As I remember, they were a bit of a poor man’s U2, but I loved ’em.  Went off ’em a bit when I learned that Mike Peters is a manc mind!

[phpbay]the alarm, 2, 11233, “”[/phpbay]

I also made a confession that I still fancied *****.  Just between you and me Dear Diary!   (It never did come to anything – probably ‘cos I never asked her out at any stage, or in any shape or form…)

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