Saturday 11th January 1986

This was a date to which I had really been looking forward. In the morning, we played football at school. In the way of these things, the sides were uneven. 5 vs 7.  Also in the way of things, it didn’t occur to us to make them even, and play 6 vs 6.  Whichever way we had a great time, you always do as a kid.  It’s one of the rules of looking back!  20/20 vision, rose tinted spectacles an’ all that.  The 1980’s were our good ole days!

But what of the evening’s entertainment? Oh yes, a fine day cavorting around a football pitch was capped off with a trip to town where I bought a record and we (my mates and I) went to the pictures (single screen!).  And what did we see? Nothing but the best… Back To The Future.  As I noted, it was “magic. [A] brill film.”

It’s one of those films that 20 odd years later I can watch over and over again.  You simply never tire of Marty and Doc Brown’s antics.  You’re never quite sure that the DeLorean is going to get up to the correct speed at the exact moment that the lightning strike hits the clock tower… But of course it always does!

I noted that [Shrewsbury] Town beat Barnsley 3-0 and that I went to bed at 9.30, Dog-Tired.

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