Monday 31 March 1986

Easter Monday.  Traditionally the time when the English football season sees many of its major issues sorted.  This wasn’t to be in the case of the First Division this year though as yet again Liverpool and Everton were level on points, with Liverpool holding a crucial one goal lead (+37 vs +36).  Liverpool had beaten City 2-0 at Anfield, with both goals coming from Steve McMahon.  Shrewsbury Town managed a 2-2 draw with Stoke at The Victoria Ground.

And yes, we did watch Condorman.  Talk about complete nonsense, this was it.  Of course it looked shaky, this was the whole point wasn’t it?  The biggest thing for me was seeing little Frank Spencer buckling his swash across the screen, doing that crazy American accent… whaddaya mean Frank Spencer’s not his real name?  Michael what?  Oh well.  Never mind, I enjoyed it.

We also watched An Officer and A Gentleman – just one thing, ‘Hey! Mayo-nnaise’.  But better than anything else on the telly today, we watched the last episode of Dear John.  Sublime, understated British Comedy at its very best.  Writer John Sullivan proved beyond all doubt that he could do subtle as well as the more obvious humour of Only Fools and Horses.  Priceless.

Today I was mostly not doing… Physics revision.

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