Monday 3 February 1986

Uh-oh look out.  There’s a bit of teenage politics going on on this diary entry.  First of all there’s a comment on the weather – “Bl**dy hell it was cold today.”  Short sharp and to the point, just like the frost I’d say.

Anyway, back to the politics.  I went to a village seconday school – quite a large one, with a wide geographical spread of pupils.  I’ve alluded to this already by mention of the early darts that some of my schoolmates got when anything like bad weather was in the offing.  In the nearest large town there were at least 5 other secondary schools – yet quite a few kids travelled out to our school – and the came through the village where I lived.  So you can imagine my disgust when I got on the bus to go home and discovered 3 (three) “townies” on the back seat.  Pah!  I probably didn’t do an awful lot about, save mutter ferociously under my breath and sit somewhere else.  Soft sh*te.

At school, I handed in my Chemistry book – or at least I would have if my friend had remembered to bring it in (don’t know why he had it, perhaps we had a bit of an homework-network going on) – and if the bag who taught us Chemistry had been there.  I also checked my exam entries and signed to acknowledge that they were correct.

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