Monday 24 February 1986

Ace, Brill, Fab, Magic – I scored 34 (out of 36) for my essay on The Crucible.  Now, I really, really wish that I had kept copies of my marked English essays.  We weren’t allowed to have them back from the examining board, and some of my essays, like this one, were really quite good – both in my opinion and that of the teacher.  We covered a number of classics, two I remember, were Great Expectations and Romeo and Juliet.  I’ve recently done an OU course where some of the leg work that I did all those years ago would have been useful.  There’s also the element of reflection on what I thought of things and how I expressed them as a 16 year old.  Would I agree now with the opinions that I expressed then?

I also handed in my Odour of Chrysanthemums essay and noted that I should be getting on with my poetry one.  One of the poetry essays I wrote covered the UB40 song, One in Ten.  ‘I am a number ten, a number on a list.’  Must’ve been an attempt by someone at the examining board to make them appear hip and trendy… sorry, to bring the course material into the 20th century… no, no, sorry, to reflect that the body of work in English Lit should be open to the addition of new fresh material, whatever its genre or the date that it was written.  Sound convincing?

And finally… ‘Day was as usually (sic) boring + cold.’

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