Monday 19 May 1986

My /our new record player came today.  I say my /our new record player because as was the way of these things, it was probably a joint purchase with my brother.  I was quite big into records, you know probably I bought a couple of 7″ singles every month.  My brother on the other hand wasn’t so much, but he was quite happy to play mine, so I thought that at least he should put towards the record player.  I can’t remember whether or not he did tho…

[phpbay]record player mp3, 2, 14969, [/phpbay]

Otherwise, it was a nice day and I didn’t go to school.  I did however, do some Physics and Chemistry revision, play some football and generally live the life of the young dandy.  I did do some forward planning – noting that I would revise Geography tomorrow, and somehow still managed to find some time to be… bored!

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