Monday 13th January 1986

Felicity Kendal “does” Wogan.  Now you can read this in two or more ways. Of course, I was 16 when I wrote it, so obviously, I mean that Felicity Kendal was “standing in” for the Irish charmer on his BBC1 chatshow.  It aired on BBC1 at 7.00pm and was a staple of 1980’s television.

But back to Felicity Kendal.  According to Mr Pye, the father of Neil Pye in the Young Ones, “Felicty Kendal is sweetly pretty, and just what a real girlie should be.”  Now whether or not you agree with that statement, or the its sentiment, for a 16 year old young shaver, she was exactly what a “real girlie should be.”  That lucky beggar Richard Briers, I thought.

Apart from this televisual highlight, I complained about a school mate – “***** is a cretin!”  I came home from school and listened to records, and the day was windy. Such was the way of things on 13th January 1986.

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