Friday 31 January 1986

Oh dear. Winter must have been really dragging. My first comment for this day is ‘Dead boring.’ Good grief, it’s an oft spouted piece of nonsense, but if I had known then what I know now, there is no way that I owuld have been making such ridiculous statements. Trouble is, kids today are exactly the same, “I’m bored” they whine. I guess I’m only saying what my Mum and Dad would have said to me when I tell them to sling their hook and find something interesting to do.  “You could always tidy that pigsty you call a bedroom…”

In German we received some test marks back – I scored 26 1/2 and 27 out of 30, ooh smarty pants eh?  All other lessons I noted were boring.  That word again. Pah!

It rained a lot today – so much so that a proposed football practice session for tomorrow was called off. The pitch was too muddy.  Not a good idea quoth I.

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