Friday 27 June 1986

A bit of a contradiction in my diary entries for today.  I don’t want to harp on about this kinda stuff, but I do feel that it merits some mention.  You know, the paradox between growing up in the 1980’s and all the freedoms that we had, and not being old enough to appreciate them.

So… here goes, on the one hand I was ‘bored’, and then on the other I watched a recording of a programme from the previous night about the Battle of the Somme.  The programme had been shown because 1 July would be the 70th anniversary of the battle’s start – 1-7-1916, vital stats, 19,240 British dead in a total British casualty list of 57,470. And that’s just the British!  And here’s me, a spotty sixteen year old oik moaning about being bored.

My final comment about today, ‘not long to go till (sic) 6th form now.’

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