Friday 23 May 1986

‘Today was nearly nice – at least it didn’t rain.’  As I had promised my self yesterday, I went to town.  I bought myself the Mr Mister album on vinyl*, Welcome To The Real World.  It contained such rare delights as Kyrie and Broken Dreams.

[phpbay]((“mr mister”), 2, 11233, “”[/phpbay]

I also made further reference to my dream girl – you know the one that I couldn’t bring myself to ask out or anything like…

* Note to youngsters, in the olden days, you had a choice between vinyl (plastic thing, usually in black, with a groove in it, known as a ‘record’) or tape (small plastic thing, with a moving piece of tape wound on two spools that you put in your tape player.)  I never had that much luck with vinyl I have to say.  It scratched far too easily for me, so I preferred to buy tapes.  But we’d just invested in a record players so I thought, ‘what the heck?’

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