Friday 22 August 1986

RESULTS! Now I don’t want to boast, but I managed to score eight of eight O Levels taken. So I was pretty chuffed, especially as I was one of the lazier students. I do look back and think that I could have got better grades, maybe not failed one of my A Levels and perhaps even got better than a Desmond in my degree. But that’s all past now, so I suppose that there’s no crying over spilled milk. For the record, my O Level marks were:

One A – Geography
Six B’s – Maths; English Lang.; English Lit.; Physics; Chemistry and German
One C – French

So with all that out of the way, I was guaranteed to get into Sixth Form to do my chosen A Levels. Can you guess which was the one that I was to fail out of Pure Maths and Mechanics, Physics, Industrial Studies and General Studies? No? Never mind, it’s a story for 1988 – one that I might get around to writing, trouble is I have no diary for ’88 to use as the basis for my memoirs. I’ll just have to make it up!

Our Mum and Dad were off away for the weekend, so we went to have tea at Granny and Grandad’s and then we were going to stay with our Great Aunt for the rest of the weekend.

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