Friday 2 May 1986

One week to go, I noted.  Looking back from now as I write this, it’s hard to understand just how momentous it actually was, this leaving school lark.  At the time, getting up and trundling off to school was an activity that I had done for around 11 years out of my 16.  That’s a big chunk I think that you’ll agree.

Anyway, that’s enough of that kind of thing.  Today we did some German (talking not writing) work today.  I reckoned it was harder than French – ‘can see a better French mark than German’ – didn’t happen, I got a B for German and a C for French.  ‘Chemistry was as usual very boring – Teacher is c**p.’

In the evening, Auf Wiedersehen, Pet continued to be ‘brilliant’.  That’s ‘b****y marvelous’, ‘just magic’ and ‘grate’ over the past few weeks.  Wow – I could be Clement and La Frenais’ in house reviewer…

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