Friday 14 February 1986

And so the big day dawned.  Did I get many cards?  Did I get any cards?  Can you guess?  I don’t want to talk about it, ok.  I managed to complete my German essay, on the German School System.  It was another cold day – we had some snow at home, although there was none at school.

In other news, the boiler packed in at school, so it was bl**dy cold in there.  But being the brave little soldiers that we were (still are!) we just got on with it.  I think that we may have sat in Chemistry or Physics with the Bunsen burners going.

Sorry to go on, but I got no bloody Valentine’s cards.  Just in case you didn’t manage to guess the right answer – probably in common with a very large number of my male cohorts if truth be known!  Come on now guys, level with me.  But anyway, things weren’t all that bad, for tomorrow we had another game of football planned…  What was it that Norm said in Cheers?  Something along the lines of ‘Chicks eh?  Can’t live with ’em… pass the beer nuts.’

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