Inspector Morse

Inspector Morse was an ITV show which first aired in 1987 and went on to run for 13 years.

Based upon the eponymous set of books by Colin Dexter, which actually only ran to 13 stories, there were a total of 33 episodes of Morse shown on TV.  You will no doubt remember that the iconic title role was played by John Thaw – in a sublimely cerebral far cry from his earlier incarnation as DI Jack Regan in the Sweeney.

Morse was ably assisted by his side-kick DS Robbie Lewis, played by Kevin Whatley of Auf Wiedersehen, Pet fame.  In a departure from the books, the TV Lewis is (obviously) a Geordie, whereas Dexter’s original characterisation has him as a Welshman.

What I liked most about Morse was the gentle pacing of the narrative.  For all its gentle pacing though, I’m sure that there was no padding, everything was vital to the plot.  The show was a metaphor for the due process of the law.  The wheels of the law grind ever so slowly, but it always seems to get its opponents – Morse seemed to do very much the same and he too always got his man (or woman).

It wasn’t to everyone’s taste, far from it, and I certainly remember one argument with friends at University one idle midweek night when we were arguing over what to watch on telly.  They lost that one and they never quite got over it, dubbing my hero as Inspector Morose.  Morse – Morose. Geddit!  Oh, how we laughed.

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