The Hits of Wham!

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Great Pop Music, no mistaking. However, as a person, I have no time for George Michael at all. it seems that he really is good at whinging at the injustice of it all. Injustice? What injustice. He’s a bit like a premiership footballer in many respects – remember his spat with Sony? You signed the contract mate, get over it. And as for all the furore surrounding his private life – what were all those hot chicks in the Wham! videos if they weren’t a smokescreen. If you’re gay, you’re gay – I personally don’t care. Being an annoying, self satisfied / absorbed smug tw*t is a different thing.

With the news that George Michael’s Faith is to be remastered and reissued later this month, it got me thinking about his earlier days as part of Wham! and just how many highly memorable songs he has been involved with.

Whether you love or hate Wham!, chances are you probably could sing along or at least hum many of their songs, so this week I’m asking you what your favourite Wham! song is.

What was your favourite Wham! song?

  • Club Tropicana

  • Wham Rap

  • Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

  • Last Christmas

  • The Edge of Heaven

  • I’m Your Man

  • Freedom

  • Young Guns (Go For It)

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