Desperately Wanting to See Susan?

The 80’s is back! If not in time, then it’s certainly in demand – you’re here reading this blog. Old clothes thrown out at the beginning of the 90’s are slowly being spotted on the high street again, and the crazy hair style reminiscent of the great boom and bust era are once again all the rage – for some.

The merger of two iconic 80’s themes was attempted back in 2007 with Desperately Seeking Susan the Musical.  Theme one, and obvious from the title, it was based on the hit 80’s romantic comedy movie which starred Madonna in 1985.  And if that wasn’t enough, it featured the back catalogue of Blondie songs in an attempt to get the heart beating and the nostalgia really flowing.

What of the plot?  Well Roberta Glass is a suburban New Jersey housewife looking for escape from her boring life, and Susan is a street savvy New York Drifter, who with her boyfriend lead a far from dull life involving jewel heists, magic shows and rock ‘n roll.

This classic rite of passage film caught a tidal wave in the 80’s (although the critics panned it – heathens) and the musical suffered the same fate – it too was panned by the critics. When you consider the music that this show was set to, it’s a real tragedy that it couldn’t sustain more than a two month run between mid October to mid December 2007.

But still, if a show can’t pay its way, it’s gotta go!  Nostalgia don’t mean diddly if it can’t pay the bills!

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