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Is there any competition? It’s always incredibly hard to do justice to a remake of anything. So for my money, I’d be asking what can be added to the original to make it better? The people who do these remakes never seem to ask that question, they take an idea which worked twenty plus years ago and think that merely rehashing it will give them a hit all over again. Of course the tag ‘derivative’ is always stuck on things that are embellishments of the original, but at least those film and programme makers have tried to give something that improves on the original or at least retells a story in a new way. With regard to the Indian Jones movie from the noughties, I kind liked it – in many ways its inclusion in this list is a little undeserved as they did take the story and move it on from the original, and it was a franchise in any case…


80s vs. 00s: Which Decade Made Better Movies?
the fashion and music of the period while maintaining high-quality police drama standards. Miami Vice is a fascinating cultural document of the 1980s as

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