Sinclair, Sir Clive

Think of the 80s and dear old Sir Clive will no doubt crop up. For all the scoffing at his dreadful little car type thingy, the C5, the man was / is nothing short of a genius. He also demonstrates the difference between us Brits and our cousins from across the pond. Clive gave us the ZX80, ZX81 and ZX Spectrum three pioneering microcomputers, which really should have seen him and his company cement their position at the forefront of consumer electronics the world over. Instead we saw a short lived burst of incandescence and then… obscurity followed by the C5. What?! I’m prepared to wager that if Sinclair Research Ltd was an American company, with a start like the ZX range gave it, we’d still be using their products today. Mmm, know what I mean.

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