John Lowe 1987

Regarded as the gentleman of darts, John Lowe was then and is now my Mum’s favourite. She found Eric Bristow far too brash. Dad, who loved / loves his darts, was a fan too – I remember him playing John Lowe once in an exhibition match – came away with a signed photo and all. Lowe only managed to win one World Championship in the 80s, to Bristow’s five, but Lowe’s 1987 win was his second of three – he therefore managed to win in three different decades in 1979, 1987 and 1993.

The top two seeds both enjoyed relatively quiet progress to the final – Bristow only dropped 1 set and Lowe only 2 and both enjoyed 5-0 wins in their respective semi-finals against Alan Evans and Jocky Wilson respectively. So the scene was set for a humdinger of a final. Bristow went into a 2-0 lead before being peggged back to 2-2. He then went 3-2 up before Lowe again leveled things. Bristow made it 4-3 but then Lowe won the last three sets to win 6-4.
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