Bob Anderson 1988

Believe it or not, but Bob Anderson was actually picked as part of the British Olympic Team for the 1968 Mexico Olympics. As incredulous as that fact on its own sounds, please consider this – he was a javelin thrower! ‘Ooh! Wow!’, I hear you cry, ‘how spooky…’ Well yeah I suppose so. However, a broken arm put paid to that particular trip and indeed his javelin career as a whole.

Roll forward 20 years and our Bob finds himself in the 1988 World Professional Darts Championship Final playing against reigning champion John Lowe. Anderson races to a 2-0 lead before Lowe makes it 2-2. Soon the score is 4-2 in Anderson’s favour before Lowe pulls it back again to level at 4-4. With three sets to play, Anderson wins the next two to win the title 6-4 with one set spare.

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