Hello and Welcome to I Heart 80’s.

At the beginning of the eighties I was a ten year old school boy.  By the time the 90’s rolled into town I was a slightly more mature University student – well I was shaving by then!  What went on in between (obviously?) went a long long way to making me what I am now.

If the past is another country, then it’s North Korea. You can’t get in, they can’t get out. I hope that this website will become a sort of Rough Guide to the 1980s…

I cannot get my head around what the proper definition of the 80s is.  Is 1980 actually the last year of the seventies?  Mmm, moot point.  Let’s just say that for the sake of my sanity that any year with the name eighty in it, like nineteen-eighty, or um.. ooh, nineteen-eighty-four (thanks George, thanks Annie and Dave) is a member of that exclusive club.

Of course, those of us who grew up through the 80s might actually argue that perhaps they started on the 4th of May 1979 when that woman became Prime Minister, and didn’t actually end until the 28th of November 1990 when that grey man who liked peas pushed her out of the way.

Anyway, that’s enough for the front page. You’ll have to dig a little deeper for more stuff. I’m particularly pleased with my (teenage) efforts in 1986 – I managed to keep a diary for the whole year! I also found a diary for 1988 that I kept up to date for a few months.  Other events will be tied back to single releases, films and sporting events.  So if my memory fails me, do feel free to offer your own recollections…

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